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Fighting Ourselves - By Wes F

IndyAir and Making Waves

Activist Radio Shows 2004

What became the Making Waves collective started by producing 3 shows under the name IndyAir.

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IndyAir 1 aired on WSCA LPFM, Portsmouth Community Radio, on Oct 16, 2004. Features world news reports, an interview with Tom Jackson of Joe Public Films, a talk by Megan Bartlett of "Ground Zero for Peace," and music by great local progressive musicians. Two hours.
IndyAir 1A
IndyAir 1B

IndyAir 2 - The second show of IndyAir, broadcast on WSCA 106.1, LPFM, Portsmouth Community Radio.
Features news from alternative sources, a talk by "Military Families Speak Out," (part A) and Michael Moore's complete speech in Rye (part B). Aired Oct 23, 2004.
These audio files are 19 kbps progressive-download windows media files. Be sure to pause the second track until the first is finished.

IndyAir 3A - IndyAir's third show part A. Features news from alternative sources and Anna Gyorgy Speaking on "An international case for regime change in the US." Aired from 3-5 pm on Oct 30, 2004.
IndyAir 3B - IndyAir's third show Part B. Features announcements and The Freedom Rousers performing skits, followed by political music.

MW1A (Nov 6)

MW2A (Nov 13)

MW3A (Nov 20)

MW4A-OGG (Nov 27) - Focus on Consumption, trade, and native rights.

MW5A-OGG (Dec 4) - Focus on Iraq and the election.

MW6A-OGG (Dec 11) - Focus on Human Rights Day.

MW7A-OGG (Dec 18) - Focus on civil rights.

MW8-OGG (Dec 25) - Focus on the origins and meaning of Christmas.

Un-edited SPR talks

The Story of Global Nonviolence Since 1980, Part I and Part II - Michael True, speaking on 12-2-03. 16 Meg / 47 minute file per part.

All audio recorded in Portsmouth, NH unless otherwise noted.

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