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MW9A-OGG (Jan 1) - Focus on the Environment and the media in 2004. Part A: Features news, a talk by Vandana Shiva, hopes for the new year from a local peace vigil and music. Part B: Features a look back at the media in 2004, an interview with Bill McCann of NH Save Our Groundwater, and music.

MW10A-OGG (Jan 8) - Focus on Nuclear issues. Features news, audio from Seabrook 1979, a lecture by Doug Rokke about Depleted Uranium, a report on the election certification challenge, an interview with Guy Chichester, and music.

MW11 (Jan 15) - Focus on Diversity and MLK.
Tom Jackson interviewing Rev. Arthur Hillson aired in the second half.

MW12 (Jan 22) - Focus on the Bush inaguration and counter-protests in DC. [roughly edited]

MW13 (Jan 29) - Focus on political fundamentalism and the Bush inaguration. Also, Robert LaBranche, Sofia Piel, and Stanley Longstaff report their experience of the counter-inaugural protest in Washington, DC, on January 20, 2005.
LaBranche and Piel report from DC
Stanley Longstaff's report-back and interviews from DC

MW14A (Feb 5) - Focus on militarism and nuclear weapons.

MW14B (Feb 5) - Focus on militarism and nuclear weapons.

MW15A (Feb 12) - Focus on compassion.

MW15B (Feb 12) - Focus on compassion.

MW16A (Feb 19) - Focus on Global Resistance. Includes news, interviews with Sue Mayer and Arnie Alpert, announcements, and progressive music.

MW16B (Feb 19) - Focus on global resistance. Includes an interview with Michael Murray and world / progressive music.
Stanley Longstaff's piece (20 min) on the Portsmouth City Council's session discussing a resolution in support of the US Bill of Rights aired in the second half.

MW17A (Feb 26) - Focus on strategies of resistance. Includes news, an interview with Anne Miller of NH Peace Action about the recent UFPJ conference, and a 1997 interview with Phil Berrigan.

MW17B (Feb 26) - Focus on strategies of resistance. Includes announcements, Michael Albert of Zmag, and Mike Hudema (author of "An Action a Day Keeps Global Capitalism Away).

MW18A (Mar 5) - Celebrating women's history month. Includes news, interviews with Robin Kelley on women resisting violence, the author of "Global Lockdown," and progressive music by women.

MW18B (Mar 5) - Celebrating women's history month. Includes announcements, an interview with a member of "Global Women's Strike" recorded at the Boston Social Forum, an interview with Karen Barker of Lakes Region Peace and Justice about the code Pink women's march, and progressive music by women.

MW19-OGG (Mar 12) - Focus on Women's Rights. Includes interviews with Brigit Ordway of Feminist Health Center of Portsmouth NH, Jennifer Bills about the 1995 Beijing Women's Conference, and Tyler Edgar of the Alaska Coalition-NH.

MW20-OGG (Mar 19) - Focus on Iraq and the Middle East.
MW20 MP3
Part A - News and a talk by Naomi Klein about Iraq and its elections.
Part B - Local announcements, music, and an interview with Bobbi Louton of the RI Qalqilya Alliance.

MW21-OGG (March 26) - Feminism
Celebrating Women's History month. Part A: News, audio from the March 20th anti-war vigil in Portsmouth and Frida Berrigan on "Woman and War."
Part B: An interview with UNH radical feminists and political music.

MW22-OGG (Apr 2) - Robert Jensen, Bill of Rights, Women & Work
Part A: News, Robert Jensen interview on "Citizens of the Empire," poetry and music.
Part B: Announcements, Jan Schaeffer from the AFLCIO about women and work, report from the Portsmouth City Council session on the Bill of Rights.

MW23-OGG (Apr 9) - Focus on war, money, and taxes
Part A: News, Frida Berrigan on "War Profiteering in Iraq," and music.
Part B: Announcements, music, an antiwar poem, and war tax resistance information. Between the Lines (btl041505) and credits finished the show.

MW24-OGG (Apr 16) - Native Americans, Tax Day
Part A: News, music, and a talk on "Native American Perspectives on US Empire."
Part B: Announcements, a poem, a tax day action report, music, and Between the Lines.

MW25-OGG (Apr 23) - Earth Day, Draft
Part A: News, music, and an interview about local CSA's. Announcements were read live (see transcript).
Part B: Draft forum at UNH followed by Between the Lines.

MW26-OGG (Apr 30) - Earth & Water
Pt A - News, interview with Olivia Zink from NH Save Our Groundwater on her time in India at the Women & Water Conf. & music.
Pt B - Anti-war poem, Jim Merkel talk on Radical Simplicity delivered in Portsmouth NH, music.

MW27-OGG (May 7) - Earth and Beyond
Pt A: News, Resisting Empire talk by Bruce Gagnon of Global Network Against Weapons in Space.
Pt B: Music, reports from Amy Goodman talk and protest against Senator Gregg in Seacoast NH, news analysis, Mother's Day origins and Between the Lines.

MW28-OGG (May 14) - Global Connections
Pt A: News, Michael Murray interview on his attendance at Cuba Free Trade conference, commentary by Steve Diamond, music.
Pt B: Activist History, interview of Anne Miller about her trip to Iran, Between the Lines segment about Iran, music.

MW29-OGG (May 21) - US Military Effects; Water
Pt A: News, interview with Greg Field of Peace Action ME re: Conversion Campaign to turn military installations to sustainable energy plants by Damon Thomas, music.
Pt B: Portsmouth NH Water Quality hearing, Voices of the World re: Iraq.

MW30-OGG (May 28) - Down To Earth; Amy Goodman
Pt A: News, Down to Earth interviews Doug Bogen about Mercury pollution campaign in NH, music by Pierce Woodward, Dana Lyons.
Pt B: Amy Goodman's May 3, 2005 Portsmouth NH speech.

MW31-OGG (June 4) - Media Activism
Part A: News and excerpts from the May 2005 conference on Media reform.
Part B: NH activist news, Between the lines, and music.

MW32-OGG (June 11) - Economic Hit Men and Peacemakers
Pt A - News, interview of John Perkins, author of Confessions of An Economic Hit Man, music.
Pt B - Interview of NH peacemaker Ruth McKay who passed away last week, Between The Lines, music.

MW33-OGG (June 18) - Sustainable Money, Communities & Energy
Part A - News, interview of Bill Pagum on Money for a Sustainable Community, Commentary: Ignorance Is Strength, music.
Part B - Down To Earth interviews Peter Ejarque of NH on his electric car, underground house & more, Between the Lines, music.

MW34-OGG (June 25) - Native American Rights; Gay Youth
Part A - News, interview of Shep Gurwitz about Leonard Peltier's case, People's History: Stonewall, music.
Part B - Growing Up Queer in NH, Between the Lines, music.

MW35-OGG (July 2) - Freedom In the US on Independence Day
Part A - News, Interview of Steve Fowle, editor of the NH Gazette, about The Flag Police & free speech, music, People's History.
Part B - Interview of Scottford Simunyu re: his native Zimbabwe & imprisonment in US jail, Between the Lines, music.

MW36-OGG (July 9) - US & Human Rights: Guantanamo & Beyond
Part A - News, Why Close G8?, interview of Frank Heffron & Peter Somssich re: Amnesty International, Guantanamo, Murat Kurnaz.
Part B - People's History, music, John Hutson who is "of counsel" for detainees held & tortured by US.

MW37-OGG (July 16) - Media Issues & More
Part A - News, interview of Joshua Meyrowitz, UNH Communication Professor, author, and media analyst, Media Minutes, People's History, Oreomobile in NH.
Part B - Bert Cohen talk:Peace & Sustainability, Between the Lines.

MW38-OGG (July 23) - Focus on Latin America
Part A - News, interview: Sean Donahue, leader of Witness for Peace delegation on economic policy, democracy & Nicaragua; music.
Part B - People's History; interview: Arnie Alpert on CAFTA; Down to Earth interview: Organic farmer Charlie Reid; music

MW39-OGG (July 30) - Media
Part A - News for July 30th edition, interview of Joshua Meyrowitz, People's History: Ida B. Wells, True Majority's Oreomobile.
[This is essentially MW 37, which do not air on the radio due to technical difficulties. Only the news segment was changed for the July 30th version. Go to MW 37 for part B.]

MW40-OGG (Aug 6) - Commemorating Hiroshima & Nagasaki
Part A - News; interview: Macy Morse, long-time anti-nuclear activist of Portsmouth NH; music.
Part B - Interview: Jane Bernhardt, MA artist, activist & actress who co-founded the Hibakusha Peace Project; Between The Lines; music.

MW41-OGG (Aug 13) - Military Families Resist the War on Iraq
Part A - Cindy Sheehan Interview; Camilo Mejia Interview; music.
Part B - Hiroshima Procession Manhattan; Anne Miller: From Hiroshima to Humanity; music; Between the Lines.

MW42-OGG (Aug 20) - Iraq and Palestine
Part A - Portsmouth NH vigil for Cindy Sheehan coverage; music; Robert Fisk article from Iraq.
Part B - Peacetalks: Gaza Pullout; Between the Lines; music.

MW43-OGG (Aug 27) - Confronting the War Makers
Part A - News, peace vigil with "Eyes Wide Open," Mary Lee Sargent on campaign to get Judd Gregg to hold a public meeting re Iraq exit strategies.
Part B: NH author Tom Lee on "Selling War In America," music, and BTL.

MW44-OGG (Sept 3) - Back To School
Part A - News, Interview: Melinda Salazar & Kay Morgan on Teaching Peace in public schools; music.
Part B - Interview: Megan Mattson from Leave My Child Alone; Interview: Mike Veves on The Assault on Education, music.

[There was no show on Sept 10 due to a live fund drive]

MW45-OGG (Sept 17) - The Effect of the Occupation on the Iraqis
Part A: news, George Galloway, Dhar Jamail
Part B: Aaron Glantz, music, BTL.

MW46-OGG (Sept 24) - Un-Natural Disasters
Part A: News, Kurt Vonnegut on spreading democracy, a former New Orleans prisoner who survived, Cynthia Mckinney.
Part B: Tom Jackson marching in Washington (beginning clipped), BTL.

MW47-OGG (Oct 1) - Working Against Occupations of Iraq, Palestine & ANWR
Part A: news, interview of Tom Jackson re: lobbying in DC against the Iraq War; interview of NH Sierra Club re: ANWR.
Part B: interview of Cindy & Craig Corrie about their daughter, Rachel, who was killed in Palestine; music.

MW48-OGG (Oct 8) - Insiders Becoming Whistleblowers
Part A: News, an audio collage of recent voices in the news, excerpts from the Citizen's Tribunal on Iraq.
Part B: Tribunal continued, music incl Steve Earle on Sept 24, and BTL.

MW49-OGG (Oct 15) - Life Under Permanent Occupation
Part A: news, interview with Sonali Kolhatkar of the Afghan Women's Mission, a commentary, and music.
Part B: People's history, music and censorship conference in Beruit, and BTL.

MW50-OGG (Oct 22) - They Are People
Part A: News, music, Palestinian Knesset member Azmi Bishara on war and racism, Mindwalk 17 excerpts (incl Zinn).
Part B: Galloway in Seattle, BTL.

MW51-OGG (Oct 29) - Afghanistan, Past and Present
Part A: News, music, commentaries, Rubia interview.
Part B: Ghost Wars (Afghan history), Between the Lines.

MW52-OGG (Nov 5) - Media Fairness and Civil Rights
Part A: News, music, interview of Normon Solomon, author of "War Made Easy."
Part B: An interview of Jesse Connolly, Campaign Manager for Maine Won't Discriminate, BTL.

MW53-OGG (Nov 12) - Veteran's Day
Part A: news, music, commentary on WMD (by Steve), and the first half of Kress' Veteran's Day Special.
Part B: Second half of Veteran's Day Special, Between the Lines.

MW54-OGG (Nov 19) - Holiday Alternatives
Part A: news, update on SOA, Holiday Commentary by Tom Jackson, National Day of Mourning coverage 2004 (MW4), music.
Part B: Buy Nothing Day, Local Peace Vigils, music, Between the Lines.

MW55-OGG (Nov 26) - US Empirialism in Iraq (also posted here)
Part A: News, Chomsky on US empirialism, Aaron Glantz on How America Lost Iraq.
Part B: People's history, music, Between the Lines.

MW56-OGG (Dec 3) - Simplicity for the Holidays
Part A: News, talk on "Radical Solutions to a Post-Carbon Future."
Part B: Music, a commentary, and Between the Lines.

MW57-OGG (Dec 10) - Civilian Casualties
Part A: Prof Marc Herold, author of "Blown Away," case studies of Afghan civilian deaths from US bombing. Fallujah commentary.
Part B: People's history, music, and Between the Lines.

MW58-OGG (Dec 17) - The Military and Prisons
Part A: News, Camilo speaking in Lawrence, MA on 12-7-05.
Part B: Camilo Q&A, people's history, interview of Jackie Allen-Doucot re her protest march to Gitmo, BTL.

MW59-OGG (Dec 24) - Meanings of Christmas
Part A: News, minister Larry Brickner-Wood on Jesus as an activist (interview rebroadcast from 2004 [MW8]).
Part B: Music, people's history, a report on Walmart's sweatshops in China, and Between the Lines.

MW60-OGG (Dec 31) - Independent Media & Looking Back at 2005
Part A: News, interview of Brian Conley about reporting in Baghdad, interview of Barbara Trent about The Panama Deception, music.
Part B: Commentaries by Geov Parrish, Arnie Alpert, Cindy Sheehan, Media Minutes, Between the Lines, music.

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