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MW61 (Jan 7) - The Death Penalty
Part A: News, interview with Atty Michael Mello on the death penalty, Mumia commentary.
Part B: "Extreme News," Mazin Qumsiyeh on Palestine and Sharon, music, and BTL.

MW62 (Jan 14) - Martin Luther King, Jr. & Militarism
Part A: news, Martin Luther King, Jr.: Beyond Vietnam, truthout article, Geov Parrish, music.
Part B: Extreme news, Steve Diamond on Chalabi, music, Between the Lines.

MW63 (Jan 21) - Civil Rights: MLK, Roe, and Palestine
Part A: News (incl Media Minutes), Rev. Dr. Arthur Hilson speaking on the reality of King's radical ideas.
Part B: People's history celebrates the anniversary of Roe v Wade, a view of Ariel Sharon by a Palestinian journalist, music & BTL.

MW64 (Jan 28) - Bush Unraveling
Part A: News (incl Media Minutes), Hallinan on foreign policy, music.
MIDDLE: Interview of Burt Cohen re upcoming protests to drown out Bush.
Part B: Bush quotes, EcoShock News, Parenti on labor, music and BTL.

The Feb 4th show was nearly canceled due to a transmitter failure.

MW65 (Feb 4) - Protesting Bush
Part A: Media Minutes; coverage of Portsmouth NH protest of Bush during State of Union; Interview re: Iran; Commentary; music.
Part B: Bolivia's new government; Michael Parenti on War on Crime; Between the Lines.

MW66 (Feb 11) - Exposing Bush Crimes Against Humanity
Part A: News, Media Minutes, counter-recruitment demo, WSF interviews, Labor News, Bush Crimes Against Humanity inquiry, and music.
Part B: Parenti on Real Democracy, BTL.

MW67 (Feb 18) - Revisiting New Orleans
Part A: News, Bush commission re Katrina, music.
Part B: Berenson commentary, interview with Timothy Naftali, Parenti on conspiracies, and BTL.

MW68 (Feb 25) - Nonviolent Action
Part A: News, interview on Guantanamo Bay protest, and a talk on the History of Non-Violent Action.
Part B: Extreme news on Cheney shooting, music, an interview about current local water issues, BioLab protest, "Baghdad burning," & BTL.

MW69 (Mar 4) - Environment; Economics
Part A: News, NH environmental legislation, a talk on global competitiveness and programs of social uplift, and music.
Part B: Women and the US budget, 'Creating the Poor' commentary, Labor News, and BTL.

MW70 (Mar 11) - Palestine and More Women's Voices
Part A: Shortwave news & interviews; Stephen Ducat; Voices From Palestine; music.
Part B: Extreme News; Commentary on Israel; Cindy Sheehan; Between the Lines; music.

MW71 (Mar 18) - Iraq
Part A: News, Kathy Kelly interview, music, voices from Iraq.
Part B: Geov Parrish commentary, a statement by female Afghan parliament member Malalai Joya, Between the Lines.

MW72 (Mar 25) - Women Changing the World
Part A: News, coverage of Concord antiwar protest, 9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows interview, Sunsara Taylor, and music.
Part B: Anne Miller interview on her upcoming trip to Palestine, Parenti commentary, BTL.

MW73 (Apr 1) - Women & the Environment
Part A: Lori Berensen: elections in Peru; EcoShock: ABC on climate change; Cayetana Carrion: women & climate change; Linda Buzzell-Saltzman: healing human/nature split.
Part B: cont: Linda Buzzell-Saltzman; Michael Parenti; music; BTL.

MW74 (Apr 8) - EcoCivilization; National ID Programs
Part A: News, interiew: Roy Morrison on his new book: Eco Civilization 2140; music.
Part MIDDLE: Interview of Katherine Albrecht about RealID, proposed national ID program.
Part B: Music, BTL.

MW75 (Apr 15) - Death and Taxes
Part A: News, Priorities NH on our tax money, coverage of a War Tax Resistance Action in Portsmouth NH, music.
Part B: Geov Parrish on 'why pay taxes?', Labor News, and Michael Parenti on wealth and equality, and BTL.

MW76 (Apr 22) - Earth Day, Water and Climate Change
Part A: News, MW interview of Maude Barlow, MW review of NOVA's Dimming the Earth, music.
Part B: Ecotalk: Larry David, Ecoshock: Autoholic, Michael Parenti: Myth of Underdevelopment, BTL, music.

MW77 (Apr 29) - Nuking Iran & the Politics of Food
Part A: News, NYC anti-war protest call-in, Voices from the Middle East: Iran, Ecoshock: why US will attack Iran, Extreme News:Iran Irony, music.
Part B: organic/local food, GM crops & Food for Children, Geov Parrish: MayDay, BTL, music.

MW78 (May 6) - Immigrant Rights and May Day
Part A: Media Minutes, Lowell MA MayDay Immigrant Rights rally, Immigration Reform Panel: Politics, Race & Nation, music.
Part B: Geov Parrish Co-Editor of Eat the State, Labor News, Between the Lines, music.

MW79 (May 13) - Working for Change
Part A: News, an interview with "Band Together," an interview with candidate Carol Shea-Porter, music.
Part B: Parenti on What Progressives Want, Geov Parrish on Medicare, people's history on Mother's Day, and BTL.

MW80 (May 20) - Palestine; Children's Voices
Part A: News, local children on what peace is, Anne Miller on her trip to Palestine / Israel, and Palestinian and Israeli children speak.
Part B: A report on the current struggle in Bil'in, Geov Parrish - "NOW We Care?", BTL, and music.

MW81 (May 27) - Water
Part A: News, Save Our Groundwater NH Update; Robert Glennon, author of "Water Follies:" music.
Part B: Newmarket NH kids on peace; Extreme News; Hidden History: Rachel Carson; Parenti; Labor News, BTL, music.

MW82 (June 3) - Ending the War on Iraq
Part A - news; May 31st NH anti-war actions coverage; Mind Over Matters Interview of of Anthony Arnove author of "Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal."
Part B - Music; Geov Parrish - Undermining the War Effort; Media Minutes; Between the Lines.

MW83 (June 10) - Federal Priorities and Militarism
Part A: News, Priorities NH on the Federal Budget, Korb interview on useless weapons systems.
Part B: Parrish on Swing State pork, Extreme News on Operation Freedom Fries, music, and BTL.

MW84 (June 17) - Action!
Pt A - news; Rove NH protest; Dover 6 arrestees; Sara Rich interview re: daughter's arrest; music.
Pt B - Parenti on Support Troops; KSOW interview re: S Central Farm eviction; Between the Lines; music.

MW85 (June 24) - Nuclear Power Revisited
Pt A: news; MW interview: Chris Nord on current New England Nuclear Power issues; music.
Pt B: MW interview: Paul Gunter of NIRS on US nuclear power "relapse;" Between the Lines; music.

MW86 (July 1) - The American Way
Pt A - news; interview: NH Immigrant Rights; music.
Pt B - Voices of Our World:Morally Bankrupt; Between the Lines; music.

MW87 (July 8) - Freedom in the US & Elsewhere
Pt A - news; Media Minutes; MW coverage: Troops Home Fast demo, Portsmouth NH; Troops Home Fast - DC; US Dependence on Oil; Geov Parrish - Medical treatment; music.
Pt B - MW interview of Malalai Joya, Afghan legislator; Between the Lines.

MW88 (July 15) - Palestine & Israel; Unions
Pt A - news; UN-Palestinian Protests; Neturei Karta International; Nurit Peled-Elhanan; More Invasions Against Violence; music.
Pt B - Media Minutes; Geov Parrish; Oaxaca Mexico Teachers Strike; BTL.

MW89 (July 22) - Understanding Current Middle East Events
Pt A: news; World Report Jul 17; interview of Dahr Jamail in Syria; Steve Diamond Commentary: More Offensive Self-Defense.
Pt B: Geov Parrish: Iraq; KSOW interview: Diane Wilson on Troops Home Fast in DC; Between the Lines; music.

MW90 (July 29) - Seabrook Anti-Nuclear Activism Retrospective
Pt A - news; Seabrook Anti-Nuclear Activism Retrospective: Clamshell Alliance interviews: Arnie Alpert, Macy Morse, Doug Bogen; music.
Pt B - Medea Benjamin arrest; Israel's invasion of Lebanon; music; Between the Lines.

MW91 (Aug 5) - Vermont Protest; Energy Issues
Pt A - news; Brattleboro VT peace rally; music.
Pt B - Union of Concerned Scientists on Global Warming in NH; Myth of Green Nuclear Power; Between the Lines.

MW92 (Aug 12) - Nuclear Proliferation
Pt A - Jim Terral's World Report; KSOW interview: Cindy Sheehan in Jordan; Stephen I. Schwartz on Nuclear Proliferation.
Pt B - David Cieslewicz, Mayor of Madison on Nuclear Proliferation & Mayors for Peace; Between the Lines.

MW93 (Aug 19) - US policy and Middle East issues
Pt A - news; Tiffany Burns: Camp Casey, Crawford, TX; Voices of Our World: Iran / Manifest Destiny Rides Again?; music.
Pt B - One Step Towards Peace in the Middle East; Geov Parrish: Ned Lamont victory; Media Minutes; Between the Lines.

MW94 (Aug 26) - Ending Nuclear Power & Weapons
Pt A - news; Seabrook Retrospective interview: Sam Lovejoy, anti-nuclear power activist; music.
Pt B - interview: Anne Miller of NH Peace Action on Hiroshima Japan conference to abolish nuclear weapons; Between the Lines.

MW95 (Sept 2) - Revisiting New Orleans & Kennebunkport Bush Protest
Pt A - news; Bush Protest in Kennebunkport ME; Interview: Nancy Brown re: New Orleans continuing clean up; music.
Pt B - Michael Parenti: Free Market Killed New Orleans; Geov Parrish: democrats; Steve Diamond: No Plan For Iraq; Between the Lines; music

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MW96 (Sept 9) - September 11th Families and Questions
Pt A - news; KSOW interview: Camp Democracy in DC; MW interview: Andrea LeBlanc, 9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows; MW interview: David Diamond, Seacoast 9/11 Questions; music.
Pt B - Kennebunkport ME anti-Bush rally speeches; Between the Lines.

MW97 (Sept 16) - Palestinian Rights; Protesting Cheney
Pt A - news; MW interview: Mazin Qumsiyeh, activist for Palestinian Rights; 9/8/06 Boston Anti-Cheney Rally.
Pt B - Commentary: Cheney's Imagination; Camp Democracy in DC; Spt Suzanne Swift's military sexual abuse case; Between the Lines.

MW98 (Sept 23) - Media: Corporate Bias and Community Alternatives
Pt A - News; Media Minutes; MW Interview: Prof Meyrowitz on UNH Prof Woodward 9/11 media circus.
Pt B - Interview: Pete Tridish of Prometheus Radio Project; Between the Lines.

MW99 (Sept 30) - Seabrook Activist Retrospective; Media; Palestine/Israel
Pt A: News; 9/27/06 anti-war action at Congressman Bradley's office, Dover NH; MW Seabrook Activism Retrospective interview: Dr. Helen Caldicott; music.
Pt B: MW Interview: UNH Prof/ Media Analyst Joshua Meyrowitz re: media, Israel; BTL; music.

MW100 (Oct 7) - Protesting War & Nuclear Self-Destruction
Pt A: news; Declaration of Peace March, Concord NH Sept 30; Helen Caldicott: Nuclear Power is Not the Answer, Newburyport Sept 23.
Pt B: Building Bridges interview: Robert Greenwald re:film Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers; Between the Lines.

MW101 (Oct 14) - Protesting War & Weapons
Pt A: news; Protest of Textron Systems cluster bombs; Doug Bogen's remarks at 9/27 anti-war demo, Congressman Bradley, Dover NH; Scott Schaefer-Duffy at 9/30 Concord NH Peace March.
Pt B: Japanese Peace Activists & Hibakusha; BTL.

MW102 (Oct 21) - Seeing the Third World
Pt A: News, AFSC talk on Columbia (Spainish and English), local Witness for Peace delegates.
Pt B: Editorial on Venezuela, Media Minutes, a movie clip, Wake Up AM segment, music, and BTL.

MW103 (Oct 30) - Elections, Democracy, Anti-Nuclear Activism
Pt A: news; Jim Hightower in Portsmouth NH; MW Seabrook Activism Retrospective: Robin Read; music.
Pt B: Michael Moore speaking about the Iraq War, Democrats & upcoming elections; Between the Lines.

MW104 (Nov 4) - Resistance in Dover NH & Oaxaca Mexico
Pt A - news; Dover 6 anti-war protesters 10/30 pre-trial activity coverage; Oaxaca Mexico & Brad Will's murder; music.
Pt B - Oaxaca Mexico & Brad Will's murder; Media Minutes; Between the Lines; music.

MW105 (Nov 11) - Change: Elections & Climate
Pt A - News; Media Minutes; UNH Election Day Action: Greasing the Wheels of Change: MW interivew: Tom Jackson & "Out of Balance;" music.
Pt B - Planetary Voices Interview: Ervin Laszlo on changing the world; Between the Lines; music.

MW106 (Nov 18) - Forgotten Afghanistan; US Election Implications
Pt A - News; Media Minutes; MW interview: Devin Foxall on his travels to Afghanistan and the Middle East; music.
Pt B - Noam Chomsky on NOW; Commentary: Steve Diamond; interview: George Martin of United for Peace & Justice; Between the Lines, music.

MW107 (Nov 25) - Thanksgiving Issues; Seabrook Retrospective
Pt A - News; Janie Jameson, spokesperson for the Six Nations Land Reclamation; Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini.
Pt B - MW Seabrook Anti-Nuclear Activism Retrospective Series: Renny Cushing & Kristie Conrad; Between the Lines.

MW108 (Dec 2) - Struggle in Iraq & Oaxaca, Mexico
Pt A - News; Tom Hayden on how to get the US out of Iraq; Mumia Abu-Jamal: Echoes of Vietnam; James Carroll comment; music.
Pt B - MW Interview: Sean Donahue on Qaxaca Mexico and Latin American true democracy movements; Between the Lines.

MW109 (Dec 9) - Bi-Partisan Oppression of the Middle East, and Us
Pt A - Joseph Gerson on Middle East History; music.
Pt B - Steve Diamond: Mercenaries against Violence & Israel's ghettos; Lewis Black: US Exporting Democracy?; Mumia Abu-Jamal; Media Minutes; Liberty TV News; Between the Lines; music.

MW110 (Dec 16) - Freedom, War & Democracy
Pt A - News You Need to Know; News Analysis; MW interview: Scottford Simunyu of Zimbabwe & former US political prisoner; Tom Hayden: how to get the US out of Iraq.
Pt B - Dennis Kucinich announces his Presidential candidacy; Between the Lines; music.

MW111 (Dec 23) - Amy Goodman on the Media; Holidays
Pt A - News You Need to Know; Extreme News; Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! September 2006, MA - Part 1; music.
Pt B - Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!September 2006, MA - Part 2; Between the Lines; music.

MW112 (Dec 30) - 2006 Review; Our Seabrook Retrospective Continues
Part A - Project Censored News, Media Minutes, commentary about the "new course" in Iraq, collage of 2006 local activism, Ecoshock on Climate Change.
Part B - Seabrook Anti-Nuclear Activism Series: interview of Eileen Brady, BTL, music.

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