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MW164 (Dec 29) - Presidential Candidates and Foreign Policy
Pt A - News (military money missing, troublesome allies); John Edwards in Portsmouth NH; Bill Richardson in Dover NH; Redeye Coop Radio: Toxins in US toys; music.
Pt B - Outside the Box: Stickers; Media Minutes; Radio Spin; Between the Lines; music.

MW163 (Dec 22) - One Injustice Stopped, Many Disasters to Face
Pt A - Media Minutes, Weekly Radio Spin, Bali Climate Conference fails, Peak Oil Check-in.
Pt B - Outside the Box talk about Christian Country, deportation of a refugee stopped by activists in Canada, Between the Lines, music.

MW162 (Dec 15) - Finding a Sustainable Future, From Food to Fuel
Pt A - News (US out of step with allies), Panel speakers from the "Is a Carbon and Nuclear Free Future Possible?" Conference.
Pt B - 2007 US Farm Bill analysis, Between the Lines, music.

MW161 (Dec 8) - Is a Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free Future Possible?
Pt A - News (NIE on Iran, Wolfy is back), Media Minutes, speakers from the November Conference on Energy in NH.
Pt B - OTB: the Basic Income Guarantee, Dennis Kucinich at the energy conference, BTL, music.

MW160 (Dec 1) - Palestine & Israel and Iran: What's Really Happening?
Pt A - News; Flashpoints: Annapolis peace summit; Voices of the Middle East Interview: David Barsamian on Iran; music.
Pt B - Outside the Box; Steve Diamond: Killer Diplomacy; poem; Between the Lines.

MW159 (Nov 24) - Contemporary Native American Issues; Food
Pt A - News; Redeye Interview: Global warming and the Inuit; Redeye Interview: Cree and Hydro; Peak Oil check-in; music.
Pt B - Extreme News; Outside the Box: Election by Lot; Redeye Interview: food aid doesn't help the hungry; Between the Lines.

MW158 (Nov 17) - US Empire and Consumerism
Pt A - News ("punishing the innocent..."), the Weekly Radio Spin, Phyllis Bennis speech on US Empirialism.
Pt B - Extreme News on Musharaff and Waterboarders, Bees Knees celebration of Buy Nothing Day, BTL, music.

MW157 (Nov 10) - Iraq's Refugees, Money, and Terrorism
Pt A - News, poet David Smith-Ferri on Iraq's refugees, commentary on Obama and the meaning of "terrorism," The UpBeet Gardener.
Pt B - Peak oil check-in, Weekly radio spin, Media Minutes, Between the Lines, music.

MW156 (Nov 3) - Iraq: Protesting the War and Listening to Iraqis
Pt A - News; Media Minutes; Kathy Kelly, Portsmouth NH, 10/26/07: Battlefield Without Borders: Iraqis In Crisis; music.
Pt B - Extreme News: News Too True to be True; MW coverage: 10/27/07 anti-war rally in Boston Mass; Between the Lines.

MW155 (Oct 27) - Food Production: Environment & Immigration
Pt A - News; Media Minutes; Media Spin; Redeye Interview: 100-mile diet; Upbeet Gardener; Redeye: Biofuels & hunger; music.
Pt B - Extreme News: Gore's Nobel Given to Bush; Redeye: Mexico-US border immigration; Between the Lines; music.

MW154 (Oct 20) - The Plight of Iraqis and Agriculture
Pt A - News (Accountability threatens US), Media Minutes, Radio Spin, Smith-Ferri ("live") on Iraqi refugees, Kelly on Iraq.
Pt B - the importance of the new Farm Bill, BTL, music.

MW153 (Oct 13) - America's Fundamentalist War on Freedom
Pt A - News (Blackwater War Crimes); Media Minutes; Radio Spin; Talk Nation Radio: GIs Pressured to Pray in Iraq Lawsuit; music.
Pt B - Voices of Our World: Chris Hedges on America's Fascist Christian movement; Between the Lines; music.

MW152 (Oct 6) - Media: a Tool of Empire or of Change
Pt A - News; Peak Oil check-in; Mumia on Oil; Media Minutes; Fresh Air: Conservative Media; World Report: 5 media failures in 2007; music.
Pt B - Chomsky audio collage; Daniel Ellsberg; Between the Lines.

MW151 (Sep 29) - The Importance of Alternative Media
Pt A - News (Blackwater Crimes); Radio Spin; Amy Goodman in Portsmouth NH in 2005.
Pt B - Protester in Kennebunkport, Greg Palast audio collage; Howard Zinn audio collage, Between the Lines, music.

MW150 (Sep 22) - International Day of Peace
Pt A - News (Blackwater); MW coverage: Portsmouth NH Peace Vigil; AWOL GI Speaks Out; Anais Mitchell; Divestment from Israel.
Pt B - Steve Kowal: Four Deadly Myths; Guerilla Gardening; Between the Lines; Music.

MW149 (Sep 15) - Reclaiming the Media, the environment, and the government
Pt A - News (Petraeus' lack of credibility), CodePink antiwar activism report, interview of an Anarchist city councilwoman, toxic GE corn
Pt B - WNRB saved, BTL, music.

MW148 (Sep 8) - The Media and the Failed Democratic Leadership
Pt A - News (incl RadioSpin, "Carbon Neutral," and Media Minutes), Kucinich interview on the media, Kennebunkport rally coverage incl musician Pat Scanlon and Cindy Sheehan
Pt B - Diamond on Dems and Iraq, Kowal on ecological slavery, BTL, music.

MW147 (Sep 1) - Protesting War, Racism, Government Control
Pt A - Media Minutes; People's March, Newark NJ; SPP protest, Canada; Hurricane Katrina survivor; racism in Jena LA affects youth, music.
Pt B - Raising Sand: Iraq Veteran protests military's Stoploss program; Between the Lines.

MW146 (Aug 25) - End The US Occupation of Iraq!
Pt A - Raising Sand, interviewing Dahr Jamail, independent journalist about his experiences in and analysis of the war in Iraq.
Pt B - Steve Diamond: End the War; Steve Kowal: Genetically Engineered crops; Weekly Radio Spin; Between the Lines; music.

MW145 (Aug 18) - Security & Prosperity?
Pt A - News; 8/11 protest of Bush & Sarkozy, Kennebunkport ME; FSRN: Security & Prosperity Partnership; CKUT: Mexican Perspective on SPP.
Pt B - Toward Freedom in Colombia; Steve Diamond: Always Iran; Between the Lines; music.

MW144 (Aug 11) - Israel, America, and War
Pt A - World Report news, interview: Fatah collaborating with Israel, the Lebanon war, and Steve Kowal on "Original Syn."
Pt B - American beliefs on Torture and War, BTL, music, announcements.

MW143 (Aug 4) - US Nuclear Weapons; Nuclear Power
Pt A - Media Minutes; WBAI: American women in Iran; Joseph Gerson on: Empire & the Bomb: How the US Uses Nuclear Weapons...
Pt B - World Report from BC: nuclear power and climate change; Between the Lines; music.

MW142 (July 28) - Slow Food; Farming & Climate Change
Pt A - MW interview: Michelle Moon, Slow Food Seacoast NH; Craig Sams, UK Soil Assoc: organic farming & global warming.
Pt B - Steve Kowal: Bizarro World; Vandana Shiva: Green Revolution; Womens' Food Sovereignty; Mexican Corn; UpBeet Gardener.

MW141 (July 21) - Permaculture; Sustainable Villages
Pt A - News; Permaculture intro & interview: David Blume; MW interview part 2: Alexander Petroff, of Working Villages International.
Pt B - Media Minutes; Interview: Steve Sherman on US Social Forum; Between the Lines.

MW140 (July 14) - Food & Sustainabilty: African Examples
Pt A - News; Food Security in the Niger Africa; MW interview: Alexander Petroff of Working Villages International in Congo Africa.
Pt B - UpBeet Gardener; Steve Kowal: Big Pharma Karma; Steve Diamond: NYT on US troops out of Iraq; Between the Lines.

MW139 (July 7) - Feeding us Biotechnology
Pt A - News; Dr. Vandana Shiva on Biotechnology; Biojustice2007 International Farmers Speak Out Panel in May in Boston.
Pt B - Int Farmers cont; Radio Curious: Kevin Zelig Golden on Lawsuit to Ban Genetically Modified Alfalfa; Between the Lines.

MW138 (June 30) - Health Care & Patriotism for July Fourth
Pt A - News; Michael Moore in Manchester NH 6/22/07 re: his new film "Sicko"; Red Eye Coop Radio: Health care in Canada vs US.
Pt B - Michael Parenti on Superpatriotism; BTL; music.

MW137 (June 23) - Cuba & Palestine
Pt A - Media Minutes; MW Interview: Carolyn Cooper re: Cuba; MW Interview: filmmaker Tom Jackson re: Combatants for Peace in Palestine/Israel; Steve Diamond: Extremists Attack Democracies.
Pt B - Talk Nation Radio: John Pilger & Ali Abunimah; BTL.

MW136 (June 16) - Palestine
Pt A - News; MW interview: Sandra Yarne on the DC Mobilization to End Israeli Occupation; interview: Alice Rothchild of Jewish Voice for Peace; music.
Pt B - Interview: Palestinian Naseer Aruri; Steve Diamond: Is Environmentalism Terrorism?; BTL.

MW135 (June 9) - Politicians vs the Grassroots
Pt A - News; GOP Debates in NH; Part Two of Attorney Thomas Linzey about corporate threats to self-governance.
Pt B - Media Minutes; Compost Pile: "Every Lawn A Garden"; Between the Lines; music.

MW134 (June 2) - Democracy One Town At A Time
Pt A - News; Thomas Linzey, environmental lawyer, talk: Democracy One Town At a Time, 5/23/07 Dover NH; music.
Pt B - Media minutes; Extreme News: Iran; UpBeet Gardener: Organic Lawn Care; Between the Lines; music.

MW133 (May 26) - Palestine, Iraq, Veterans on Memorial Day
Pt A - News; Media Minutes; Commentary on Senator Obama; Talk Nation Radio: Crises for Palestinians in Gaza and Lebanon.
Pt B - US Veterans struggle with homelessness and addiction; Between the Lines; music.

MW132 (May 19) - History of Patriotism & Nuclear Weapons
Pt A - News; Howard Zinn & Amy Goodman, Boston MA, 4/16/07.
Pt B - Compost Pile: Vandana Shiva; UpBeet Gardener: Rototillers; Red Eye Coop interview: Joseph Gerson on Nuclear Weapons; Between the Lines.

MW131 (May 12) - Mother's Day as an Anti-war Holiday
Pt A - News; MW coverage: 5/9/07 anti-war civil disobedience at Senator Sununu's, Manchester NH; Cindy Sheehan; music.
Pt B - Poem read by NH poet Marie Harris; Ecoshock Radio: Helen Caldicott on nuclear weapons; Between the Lines; music.

MW130 (May 5) - Nuclear power; Growing your own food
Pt A - News, Part two of our interview of Chris Nord on past and current issues around nuclear power.
PT B - Genetically Engineered food issues and school lunch programs, BTL, music.

MW129 (Apr 28) - Fighting GMO Foods & Nuclear Power
Pt A - News; NH Rep Hodes (D) & NH Sen Sununu's (R) shared talking points on Iraq; Poem; MW Seabrook Anti-Nuclear Activism Retrospective interview: Chris Nord - PART 1.
Pt B - Challenging Genetically Modified Foods with Ben Grosscup; BTL.

MW128 (Apr 21) - Earth and Food
Pt A - News; interview: Future of Food filmmaker: Deborah Koons Garcia on GMO foods.
Pt B - Poem read by local poet Mark Decarteret; MW coverage: Portsmouth Step It Up rally, April 14; Between the Lines.

MW127 (Apr 14) - Oil, Energy and Justice
Pt A - News; Terry Tamminen, author of Lives Per Gallon, architect of CA energy initiatives, in NH, 3/07; Mumia Abu-Jamal; music.
Pt B - Poetry; "Energy & Justice" by UNH authors Ruth Sample and John Carroll, 3/2007; Between the Lines.

MW126 (Apr 7) - Youth Activism; Challenging "Progress"
Pt A - News; MW coverage of 3/25/07 Concord NH Peace Rally organized by high school students against US occupation of Iraq.
Pt B - Poet Maren Tirabassi; Tom Wessels on his book "The Myth of Progess" in NH, 2/2007; Between The Lines.

MW125 (Mar 31) - Anti-War Demos; Anti-Nuclear Power History
Pt A - News, MW interview: Howard Zinn; MW interview: Rostam Pourzal on Iran; coverage of Peace Rally, Boston Common 3/24/07.
Pt B - MW interview: Cathy Wolff re: Clamshell Alliance resistance to nuclear power in Seabrook NH; Between the Lines.

MW124 (Mar 24) - War & Women
Pt A - News; 3/19 Concord NH: resolution against Iraq Occupation; letter to pro-war NH Rep John Sununu; excerpt: Building Bridges: Portrait of Women In War, Iraq; music.
Pt B - MW interview: Barclay Jackson on NARAL Prochoice NH; Between the Lines; music

MW123 (Mar 17) - US Invasion of Iraq: 4th Anniversary; US Attack on Iran?
Pt A - News; Barclay Jackson, NARAL Pro-choice NH on parental notification; Scott Ritter speaks about US attacks on Iran.
Pt B - Poets for Peace visit NH Senator John Sununu re: Occupation of Iraq & Iran; Antonia Juhasz on control of Iraqi Oil; BTL.

MW122 (Mar 10) - Feminist Action; Affordable Housing
Pt A - News; Occupation Project: Senator Sununu, 'Third Wave: A Place For Feminists' founders Rachel Umberger & Maureen Reilly.
Pt B - MW Interview: Laurie Milne, UNH student, resident, affordable housing advocate.

MW121 (Mar 3) - Paths to Peace
Pt A - News, Extreme News, media minutes, bee crisis, Department of Peace Campaign interview.
Pt B - Maine occupation project interview, Between the Lines, music.

MW120 (Feb 24) - Resisting Nuclear Weapons & War
Part A: News; Media Minutes; David Culp: Preventing a New Generation of Nuclear Weapons: Challenges and Opportunities in the Granite State; music.
Part B: The Occupation Project in Sen McCain's AZ office; Between the Lines; music.

MW119 (Feb 17) - Preserving Resources
Part A: News; MW interview: Chris Skoglund, Coordinator of UNH Energy Waste Watch Challenge; MW interview: Olivia Zink on Save Our Groundwater's continuing fight.
Part B: Steve Diamond's commentary: Meddling in Iraq; Between the Lines; music.

MW118 (Feb 10) - Speaking Truth to Power
Part A: News, an Interview with candidate Dennis Kucinich, excerpts from the Dover 6 trial this past October.
Part B: Extreme news, a report on the Occupation Project actions, BTL, music.

MW117 (Feb 3) - DC & Military Anti-war Protests; Somalia
Part A: News; DC Anti-war rally and lobbying day coverage; interview: Sarah Olson about Lt Ehren Watada, freedom of press.
Part B: Media Minutes; interview: US Interests in Somalia; Between the Lines.

MW116 (Jan 27) - Strategic Resistance to War
Part A: NOTE: MW producers were in DC so for part A we bring you: Flashpoints on Jan 1, 2007 featuring Robert Fisk on Iraq & Armenia.
Part B: Anarchist Strategy, following up on our January focus on activist strategy; Between the Lines.

MW115 (Jan 20) - Activist Campaigns
Part A: News, peace protest street interviews, part 3 of interview of Steve Kowal and Ellen Hayes of Advocates for Community Empowerment.
Part B: Democracy in Action conference on BIRD-DOGGING, BTL, music.

MW114 (Jan 13) - Activist Strategy from NH to Oaxaca
Part A: news; coverage of 1/11/07 NH protests re: troop surge; MW interview: Steve Kowal & Ellen Hayes about democracy and corporate control - PT2 of 3.
Part B: MW interview: Sean Donahue about the uprising in Oaxaca Mexico; Between the Lines.

MW113 (Jan 6) - Activist Strategy
Part A: News, Advocates for Community Empowerment (pt 1), commentary on Activist Organizing, 2006 activist victories.
Part B: Interview of Executive Director of Murder Victim's families For Human Rights re Hussein's execution, BTL, music.

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