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MW367 (Dec 31) - The Golden Rule & A Year of Struggle for a Better World
News You Need to Know: Getting Sane on Iran; Media Minutes 2011 review; Between the Lines interviews Steering Committee member of the Bradley Manning Support Network; Hidden Histories: Havel, Manning and Occupy; Bioneers: The Golden Rule; music.

No MW show scheduled for Dec 24th, due to Christmas.

MW366 (Dec 17) - Agitating for Clean Air, Ethical Government, Economic Justice & more
News You Need to Know: Iraq Occupation Continues; WBAI news: OWS-NYC Protest War Profiteers; WBAI news: Dec 6 Newark Rally; Occupy NH Dec 3 General Assembly, Hooksett NH; NH Gazette Dec 2 Fortnightly Rant; Between the Lines interview: The Fight for Clean Air; Media Minutes; music.

NOTE - Dec 10th show skipped due to illness.

MW365 (Dec 3) - Power of the People
News from Between the Lines; Media Minutes; Hidden Histories: SB1867; BTL interview: on Nationwide Suppression of Occupy Wall Street; Outside The Box: Occupy Wall Street Sound Bytes; Amy Goodman on The Power of People in Movements, NY, Nov 2011; music.

MW364 (Nov 26) - Indigenous Wisdom Still Being Shared
News You Need to Know: Food and Media as US Weapons ; NH Gazette Fortnightly Rant; Bioneers: Indigeneity, Becoming Native to Our Place; music.

MW363 (Nov 19) - Human & Economic Rights Needed
News You Need to Know; Between the Lines interview: Rights Violations of Palestinian Prisoners in Israel; WBAI News: US Job Growth; Between the Lines interview: Occupy Wall Street Police Raid; Hidden Histories: Thanksgiving Day Pequot Massacre; Outside The Box: Uncle Larry's Thanksgiving Grace; music.

MW362 (Nov 12) - Veterans Day; Movements for Accountability & Change
News You Need to Know: Civilians And Soldiers Disposable; Amy Goodman clip; Between The Lines interview: Campaign Contributions to Congressional Super Committee; BTL interview: Occupy Wall Street Movement; BTL interview: Sustainable Farming and Communities; Media Minutes; music.

MW361 (Nov 5) - People In Power VS Power to the People
News You Need to Know: Afghan Theatre Expenses; Between the Lines interview: Occupy Wall Street; Between the Lines interview: Congressional Super Committee; Media Minutes; Hidden Histories: Veteran's Day; Outside The Box: Voting; music.

MW360 (Oct 29) - Challenging Unsustainable Systems of War, Economics, Energy
News You Need to Know: Their Inconvenient Rights; Media Minutes; NH Gazette's Fortnightly Rant, 10/21/2011; Ecoshock Radio excerpt on Homelessness; Between the Lines interviews: US/NATO Intervention in Libya, Impacts of Fossil Fuels; Hidden Histories: Halloween; music.

MW359 (Oct 22) - Top-Down Murder Vs Bottom-Up Wealth
News You Need to Know: One US War Fading, Several More Starting; Between the Lines Inteviews on Women’s Health Legislation, Occupy Wall Street, Publicly Owned Banks; Talk Nation Radio interview: Withdraw Your Money from Big Banks; Hidden Histories: Wall Street's Name; music.

MW358 (Oct 15) - People Power on Economics, Peace & Media
Between the Lines interview: Medea Benjamin on Wall Street Occupation; Between the Lines interviews of Occupy Wall Street Protesters; NH Gazette's Fortnightly Rant; Hidden Histories: Occupying Wall Street, Part 4 & 5; WBAI News: 10th Anniversary of Afghanistan War; Media Minutes; music.

MW357 (Oct 8) - Policies of No Respect – From Afghanistan to Wall Street
News You Need to Know: Our First Disasterous Decade in Afghanistan; Commentary: Schism of Disrespect; Outside The Box: I Won’t Pledge; Hidden Histories: Occupying Wall Street, part 3; Media Minutes; Between the Lines; music.

MW356 (Oct 1) - U.S. Govt Still Sides with Dictators and Wall Street
News: U.S. siding with dictators over human rights, Between the Lines: the National Debate on Raising Taxes, Fortnightly Rant, Between the Lines: The Activist Occupation of Wall Street, two Hidden Histories: More on the Wall Street Occupation, Outside The Box: population and resource stress on the Earth, music and more.

MW355 (Sept 24) - Palestine, Israel, Turkey
News You Need to Know: Hypocritical Objections to Palestinian State & Pakistan Accused of Terror; Talk Nation Radio: Palestine at UN, Turkey at ICC; Hidden Histories: FDR’s 2nd Bill of Rights, part 2; music.

MW354 (Sept 17) - Civil Rights in the War on Terror Era (or should that be Error?)
News You Need to Know: Public Supports Civil Rights Despite US Abuses; NH Gazette's Fortnightly Rant, 9/9/2011; Arab Talk interview: Lisa Hajjar on Bagram and US Detention Policy; Hidden Histories: FDR's Second Bill of Rights; music.

MW353 (Sept 10) - Ten Years of the "War on Terror"
News You Need to Know: Israeli Plots to Arm Terrorists; Between the Lines interview: The Meaning of September 11th, One Decade Later; Noam Chomsky, 10/18/01 MIT excerpt: The New War Against Terrorism; Between The Lines inteview: US War on Terrorism and the Erosion of Civil Liberties; Outside The Box: September 11, 2001; Hidden Histories: Chile's September 11; music.

MW352 (Sept 3) - Economics Against the People & the Environment
News You Need to Know: Losing Our Economic Religion; Between the Lines on Rebuild the American Dream Campaign; WBAI Sunday News: Deficit Debt Deception; NH Gazette 8/26/11 Fortnightly Rant; Media Minutes; Outside The Box: Aggression; music.

MW351 (Aug 27) - The Powerful VS The People
News You Need to Know: The Loyal Authoritarian Regimes; BTL interview on Libyan Human Rights Abuses on all sides; BTL interview on Anti-environmental riders in Congressional budget legislation; Media Minutes; Hidden Histories: US Sanctuary Movement; Outside The Box: Presidential Run; music.

MW350 (Aug 20) - From Oppressive Systems to Sustainable Cultures
News You Need to Know: Israeli Apartheid & Terrorism; WBAI News: Harlem Millions March Rally; NH Gazette Fortnightly Rant: August 12, 2011; Kiado Cruz from Oaxaca Mexico speaks on Sustainable Agriculture and Social Justice: Cultivating Peace, One Garden at a Time; music.

MW349 (Aug 13) - Activists Uniting Across Boundaries
News You Need to Know: Shooting the Messenger; Between the Lines interview: Palestinian initiative to gain statehood through the UN; BTL interview: March to Protect Blair Mountain; BTL interview: WHO study linking cell phone use to cancer; DN! 2004 excerpt; Media Minutes; music.

MW348 (Aug 6) - Nuclear Issues on Hiroshima Day
News You Need to Know: US Wars Failing & Iran War Coming; Joseph Gerson speaks on Empire & the Bomb, Portsmouth NH, August 2007; Hidden Histories: Nagasaki Survivor; Between the Lines interview: Fukishima Nuclear Disaster Update; NH Gazette Fortnightly Rant, July 29 2011; music.

MW347 (July 30) - Debt Fixes, Voting Rights & Actions for Creating a Better World
News: Good Budget Fixes Off the Table; WBAI News: “Aftermath: Following the Bloodshed of America's Wars in the Muslim World;” Between the Lines interview on US Voter Suppression Legislation; Between the Lines interview on Tree Sit Protest at Coal River Mountain; Media Minutes; music.

MW346 (July 23) - Common Sense Solutions the Rich Don't Want
News You Need to Know: With These Friends Who Needs Enemies; NH Gazette Fortnightly Rant; Between the Lines interview: Current Threat to Social Security; Between the Lines interview: The Rupert Murdoch scandal; Media Minutes; Music.

MW345 (July 16) - Spending - and Cutting - Like There's No Tomorrow...
News You Need to Know: Cutting and Spending Like There's No Tomorrow; Latin Waves Interview: Robin Hahnel on the Global Economic Meltdown; Between the Lines interviews on Obama’s Willingness to Cut our Social Safety Net & Class Action Lawsuit re: Trust Accounts of 500,000 Native Americans; WBAI News: Hunger Strike in CA Prisons; music.

MW344 (July 9) - Economics & Power in Israel, US, Greece & Beyond
News You Need to Know: US Broke But Paying 4000 a Gallon for War Fuel; NH Gazette Fortnightly Rant; Media Minutes; Talk Nation Radio: Medea Benjamin on Gaza Flotilla; music.

MW343 (July 2) - US Versus Democracy: Libya & Palestine
News You Need to Know: Illegal Libya War Against Democracy, For Oil; Mark Fiore: Thingamagig; WBAI: Cynthia McKinny’s Back From Libya Tour; Talk Nation Radio: Libor Koznar on Gaza flotilla; Media Minutes; Outside The Box: Why Money?; music.

MW342 (June 25) - "Peaceful" US Intervention Grows
News You Need to Know: List-of-Peaceful-US-Wars-Growing; WBAI News: NATO Bombing of Tripoli; Between the Lines Interview: International Flotilla to Challenge Israeli Blockade of Gaza; Hidden Histories: Summer Solstice; Media Minutes; Outside The Box: The Power of Words 5; music.

MW341 (June 18) - World Economic Crisis: Alternative Views
News: Playing with fire with China, NH Gazette: Raising the Debt ceiling, BTL: Rising Food Prices, Redeye Co-op Radio: European Central Bank fueling Greek debt crisis, Hidden Histories: the Congo Free State, OTB: The Power of Words II, music and more.

No June 11th show - Amy's 40th Birthday

MW340 (June 4) - Money for Permanent War Not Medicare
News You Need to Know: Permanent Illegal War Without a Plan; Tariq Ali speaks about Pakistan; Between the Lines interview: Damon Silvers GOP Budget Dismantles Medicare; Hidden Histories: Freedom Riders; Media Minutes; Outside The Box: Power of Words, part 3; music.

MW339 (May 28) - US & Israel Isolated About Palestine
News You Need to Know: US & Israel Increasingly Isolated; NH Gazette Fortnightly Rant; Between The Lines interview: Howard Friel on Obama’s Attempt to Revive Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations; Backyard Chicken Broadcast; Media Minutes; Outside The Box: Power of Words, pt 2; music.

MW338 (May 21) - US Hidden Agendas in the Middle East
News You Need to Know: Israel's vs Palestine's Right to Exist; Noam Chomsky on Palestine-Israel in Crisis (excerpt); Between the Lines interview: Kathy Kelly on Drone Attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan; Media Minutes; Outside The Box: Words, pt 1; music.

MW337 (May 14) - Sustainability Through Local Food
News-Commentary on NPR controversy on the future of food and organics, Peak Oil Check-In: Less oil, better health, The Everyday Environmentalist: Worm bins, “Bucky Buchaw” on raising chicks, Will Allen of ‘Growing Power’ on Urban agriculture, music.

MW336 (May 7) - Appreciating Independent Media and Community Radio - MEMBERSHIP DRIVE
News You Need to Know: Un-Spinning Bin Laden's Execution; Between the Lines interview: Former CIA analyst on Osama Bin Laden; Redeye Co-op Radio interview: Jonathan Lawson from Reclaim the Media; MW Interview: Alexandra Peterson of the Media Education Foundation; music.

MW335 (Apr 30) - Earth Day & Environmental Disasters in April
News You Need to Know: Small Change We Can Believe In; Ecoshock interview: Ace Hoffman on Fukushima Nuclear Disaster; Between the Lines interview: Antonia Juhasz on the Power of Oil Companies; Hidden Histories; Media Minutes; music.

MW334 (Apr 23) - Solutions that Cause Problems: Regime Change, Nuclear, Occupation, War
News You Need to Know: US Military Double Standards; Between the Lines interview: Harvey Wasserman on the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster; Former Afghan Parliamentarian Malalai Joya speaks about US / NATO war on Afghanistan; Hidden Histories: Eugene Debs, part 3; Outside The Box: Civil Discourse; music.

MW333 (Apr 16) - Corporate Greed & Wars Grow; Human Needs Unmet
News You Need to Know: Budget Growing, Wars Continue; Between the Lines Underreported News; Between the Lines interview: Congressional Budget Deal; Noam Chomsky on Taxes; NH Gazette Fortnightly Rant; Hidden Histories: Eugene Debs, part 2; Media Minutes; Outside The Box: Fear; music.

MW332 (Apr 9) - Money for War & War for Money
News: Terrorism for Profit; Redeye Co-op Radio interview: Asli Bali on Air strikes on Libya; Between the Lines interview: Dr. Deborah Richter on VT's Single Payer Health Care Legislation; Hidden Histories: The Pullman Strike; Outside The Box: We Are All Egyptians; music.

MW331 (Apr 2) - Killing Civilians to Save Them in Libya
News You Need to Know, reactions to President Obama’s speech about US intervention in Libya – first from John Stewart then from Phyllis Bennis. New segment: The Fortnightly Rant from Steve Fowle of the NH Gazette, Media Minutes, Outside The Box: listening, music, and more.

MW330 (Mar 26) - US Foreign Policy Hyprocrisy
News You Need to Know: US Afghan Policy Shift; Talk Nation Radio interview: Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh on US in Libya; WBAI News: Division of "Progressive Left" on Libya; Malalai Joya speaking on Afghan Women's Rights; Hidden Histories: Triangle Shirt Factory Fire; Media Minutes; Outside The Box: Class War; music.

MW329 (Mar 19) - Militarism and Nukes: the Hidden Costs
News You Need to Know: Militarism and Nukes – the Hidden Costs; Between the Lines interviews on: Japan’s nuclear crisis, intervention in Libya, and Wisconsin labour developments; Hidden Histories: Surviving An Atomic Attack; Outside The Box: Our War Culture; music.

MW328 (Mar 12) - Direct Action to Save Land and Labor
News You Need to Know: US Silence as Allies Shoot Protesters; Between the Lines interview: Wisconsin Protest Movement; Between the Lines interview: Direct Action to Derail the Sale of Public Land; Media Minutes; Hidden Histories: International Women’s Day; Outside The Box: Lucy Stone; music.

MW327 (Mar 5) - Work Less, Agitate More
News: First Black President Considering Invading N Africa, Between the Lines- with common-sense solutions, Hidden Histories – Wisconsin labor history, Bucky Buckaw on the pervasive feeding of arsenic to chicken, Media Minutes: Regulation for anything but corporations, Outside The Box: Employ everyone- work less, music.

MW326 (Feb 26) - Fight Against Facism From Tunisia to Wisconsin
News You Need to Know: The Fight Against Facism; Between the Lines on Uprisings Across Middle East and North Africa; Between the Lines on Wisconsin Protests; Hidden Histories: The Wisconsin Idea; Hidden Histories: Civil Rights; Outside The Box: 30 Hour Work Week; Media Minutes; music.

MW325 (Feb 19) - Corporate Totalitarianism VS Human Dignity
News You Need to Know: US Bribes Criminal Regimes to Buy US Weapons; Between the Lines interview: Phyllis Bennis on Egypt; Between the Lines interview: George W Bush Torture Indictment; Between the Lines interview: Chevron’s Rainforest Pollution; Hidden Histories: Civil Disobedience; Media Minutes; music.

MW324 (Feb 12) - Democracy Advances in Egypt... What Next?
News You Need to Know: Mubarek Ousted, New Government of Cronies; Al Jazeera English: Demonstrations in Egypt; Flashpoints: Teachin on Egypt and the US; Between the Lines: Omar Suleiman; Hidden Histories: Barbara Johns; Media Minutes; Outside The Box: Gender Neutral Language.

MW323 (Feb 5) - Long-Time US Grip on the Arab World Slipping
News You Need to Know; Democracy Now! Interview: Noam Chomsky on US Support of Democracy Only For Enemies; Hidden Histories: Mohammed El Baradei; Media Minutes; Outside The Box: You Gender; music.

MW322 (Jan 29) - US Backing Dictatorships Worldwide
News you need to know: US Still Backing Egyptian Dictatorship, analysis reviewing Obama's 2009 Cairo speech, Between the Lines on the return of Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier and the latest about the Citizens United ruling, If An Agent Knocks final segment, music.

MW321 (Jan 22) - Speech as Terrorism, Occupation As Peace?
News You Need to Know: A Dishonest Broker; WBAI News: Iran as a Nuclear Threat; Media Minutes; Hidden Histories: Martin Luther King Jr.; Redeye Co-op Radio interview: FBI targeting of Chicago Activists; If An Agent Knocks 9: Grand Jury Resistance; music.

MW320 (Jan 15) - Martin Luther King Jr & Other Voices Against Violence
News You Need to Know: Afghan-Vietnam_antiwar-antitrade-GOP; Mumia Abu-Jamal on Martin Luther King Jr & Vietnam; Martin Luther King Jr: Riverside Speech excerpt; Hidden Histories: US Congress Assasination attempts; Hidden Histories: Decade of Rightwing Hate; Between the Lines interview: Toxic Political Speech and Tuscon Killings; Media Minutes; If An Agent Knocks 8: Grand Juries.

MW319 (Jan 8) - US Policy Failures: Afghanistan, Guantanamo
News You Need to Know: Afghan Surge Failed-US Leveling Villages; Between the Lines interview: Guantanamo; Media Minutes; Backyard Chicken Broadcast: Huffington Post Profile & Happy New Year; Outside The Box: Form Vs Content; If An Agent Knocks episode 7: Electronic Security; music.

MW318 (Jan 1) - 2010 Review; 2011 Plans for Peace
News You Need to Know: 2010 Foreign Policy Review; More Than Ten Good Things to Celebrate in a Bad Year by Medea Benjamin; Media Minutes; Portsmouth NH New Year’s Peace Vigil attendees: plans for peace work in 2011; music.