MP3 Streaming Explained

MP3 Streaming Explained

There are several simple ways to listen to Making Waves by "streaming." The fastest way to get the latest show (with podcasting a close second) is to use the PLAY LATEST link at the top of our main page.

Older shows are available through the DOWNLOAD MP3s link. Recent shows have a .M3U ("playlist") file you can click on to stream the show you want to hear. You can use the "fast-forward" or "rewind" buttons to switch between the halves of that show, or drag the slowly moving bar to whatever part of the show you want to hear.

The WSCA LIVE streams include Making Waves each Saturday from 12 to 2 pm. The OGG stream works best for listeners on dial-up internet.

Starting with MW 96 (Sept 9, 2006), we are encoding only to 96 kbps stereo MP3 files (and starting with 2008, 64 kbps mono MP3). These files will still be reachable and downloadable through our radio4all index, which has more information that advanced listeners and our fellow independent media producers and distributors might want. Users who need to download Making Waves shows can use the DOWNLOAD MP3s link, then right-click on the MP3 you need, and select "save target as" (and put it on your desktop or wherever).

Starting with MW 96, the show links in the index here on the Making Waves webpage simply open that entire show as a web stream. This means that as long as you're still connected to high-speed internet, you can listen to shows with one click.

I hope you find these changes helpful! If you have any questions, comments, or difficulty playing the show, write us at: