Tech Notes for Making Waves DJ's:


PLAYING THE MP3's [ From the WSCA FTP server ]

To play the show in the WSCA studio, go to the Otis machine. If Linux is displaying the weather or something then great, otherwise if Otis is up, press 'scroll-lock' twice. Go to the desktop (by minimizing things or closing them)... it will look a little strange because this is Linux. Left-click once on the link labelled "uploads" { You may have to click the refresh icon, which is a circling arrow that looks like a "G" for the files to be visible. If this DOESN'T work or the link isn't there for some reason, you can also get to it in the firefox web browser (or use "Konquerer")... browse to smb://apophis/uploads }

Drag the relevant files, MW-XX-A... and MW-XX-B... , to the desktop. If using firefox, left-click once on MW-XX-A..., select "save to disk", and "ok." When transfered, it should be on the desktop (If not, click on "my computer," then "home"... it should be at the bottom of that folder). Do the same with part B.

Left-clicking on a audio file on the desktop once should make it start playing. Make sure the "portable" wire to the right of the mixing board is hooked up (the thicker of the two, labelled "Portable line in..."). Solo the portable channel to verify that it will play. Make sure you are at the beginning of the track... I do this by closing the player window and clicking the MP3 once again to start it playing from the beginning. Un-solo and raise the portable slider on the mixing board and you are broadcasting!

IF IT WON'T PLAY THE MP3 FILES, it's possible the files are corrupted and need to be re-uploaded... But FAR more likely is that the operating system has gotten "confused" from heavy, continuous use and just needs to be rebooted. Do one left click on the green circle "K menu" button. Select LOGOUT. Select RESTART COMPUTER. When booted, go back to where you were and try playing the file again.

There is a small bar that moves slowly across near the top of the player. If there are any problems, you can jump to whatever part of that hour of the show you need by dragging it forward or backward.


Back when radio4all wasn't so busy, the DJ would follow these instructions to burn an audio CD of each half of the show to play in the studio. This may still be useful as a backup method or to make a copy of an old show for a friend.

How to Download and Burn Making Waves Shows from the lobby computer at WSCA

[Adapted by Steve from notes taken by JoAnn]
Open NETSCAPE web browser
Type in the following address and press enter:
Click on "Radio4all index." (at top is the latest show)
click on the latest show
[ scroll down ]
You will see

You will need to download each half seperately, and 2 CD's will be needed
Click on "download" to the right of MW##A. Do Part A all the way and then close everything. You can start Part B from the beginning.
Click on Download
RIGHT click on HTTP:// link
Save Link Target as
Save to Desk Top (Desktop)
Click SAVE * (Save)
Put a blank CD in (Bottom Drive)
Click "Burn CD"
Click OK
Select Make Audio CD
(Note: make sure the download is done. See the Download Mgr at the toolbar on the bottom. It could take 30 seconds or 30 minutes.)
Click on ADD (Add)
Select Desktop (left hand side) if you don't see the downloaded program on the screen
Click on the file for the show (i.e. MW34A or MW34B)
Click ADD (make sure it says from Desktop)
Click add again [this button is in a different place from the last one]
Click (Finish)
Click (Next)
Click Burn
It will take about 4 min to burn.
After CD burning is complete (at bottom of the screen) When done click NEXT at bottom
Totally "Exit out." [close all windows, except A-Info...].
Click on A-Info Radio (NETSCAPE)
Click on the Back arrow button at the top left.
For Part B, start over again, this time clicking on "download" to the right of MW##B. Continue as you did for Part A [see above if needed]. These CD's should be standard audio CD's playable on any of the players in the studio. Good job and have fun DJing the show!


When the DJ phone rings, find the flashing "ON" button under the computer monitor to the right of the mixing board. Press it. You can solo "mic 1" and "phone" before going on the air to test things out. Do NOT bring the faders up at this point, or whatever you say will go out on the air. When you're ready to broadcast your live phone conversation, turn off solo on both "mic 1" and "phone" and bring up the faders to levels that sound good.
You should be able to extrapolate from this how to to make an outgoing call. To clarify this help doc or make corrections, be sure to email me.


I think this is now password protected and no longer an option for most users. Use the CD recorder instead.

Run "VNC viewer" from the quick-launch bar on the computer in lobby. go to (it usually defaults to this anyway). Click "ok."
Double-click on audacity if it's not already open.
If there are any open waveform tracks, close it/them.
Click the record button.
When done, press "stop."
Go to "file," then "export as MP3." Save in the "uploads" folder with a unique, descriptive filename, including the date.

The file is now available via FTP from elsewhere using the Making Waves FTP account, or to get to it in the lobby, go to "my computer," and type in \\apophis\uploads
Hit "enter."
You can now drag it to the desktop to burn a CD, copy it to an external drive, and/or upload it to

Updated Aug-13-2007

For any proposed updates to this document, questions or clarifications, e-mail us at: