Tech Notes for MW Listeners

Tech Notes for MW Listeners

Every Making Waves show should be reachable through this index. If any links don't work, please let us know. Starting in 2008, we're likely to use 64 kbps MONO MP3 encoding instead of 96 kbps STEREO. All this means is that the show will have higher sound quality and download faster, but won't be in stereo anymore. Let me know if you have an opinion on this.

Starting with MW96, links to shows in this index open as a "web stream." This means that as long as you continue to be connected to the internet (high-speed, not dial-up) you can listen to shows with one click. You may need to disable any popup blocker software you may have to get the stream to start... this is often done by holding down the "control" button while clicking on the show link. For more info on streaming, click here.

PODCASTING is a simple process to have the latest audio content automatically delivered to your desktop. Just follow the straightfoward setup instructions and you'll soon be getting the show when it becomes available to listen to at your convenience.


Until MW96, we used a file type called OGG, a totally free format that maximizes sound quality and minimizes download times. There may be one more step needed to make these files play.
To listen to the OGG files on a Windows PC, click BACK, open our radio4all index and select the show you want, then left-click on the DOWNLOAD link (at the bottom) for the part of the show you want. Then, RIGHT-click on the next link (http is fine) and select "save target as..." Don't change the filename, and save it to the desktop. When it has finished downloading, double (left) click on the downloaded file.

If the show doesn't start playing in a few seconds, you are missing a media player and/or the OGG codec. No problem! Do a "Full" install of the free version of winamp, reboot, and double-click on the audio file again.
Do the same to download and play the second half of the show.

The oldest files are progressive-download windows media files. You may need to update windows, internet explorer, or windows media player to get them to play correctly. It could also take several minutes for the audio to start even on a high-speed connection... please be patient. If you still have trouble or dislike microsoft, try a complete install of Mozilla.

Network outages and so on sometimes make things a bit more complicated, but these instructions should generally work. If you have any questions, comments, or difficulty playing the show, e-mail us at: